View Full Version : MA-020VE - how to make it drift??

2015.05.20, 08:14 AM
Got this MA-020VE that I would like to try to drift with on a wooden floor. I usually run MR-03 fast, and are not used to going sideways.
It comes with full ball bearing and I have swapped motor to a PN 9500kv motor.

I will try to run it in 90mm narrow setup.
Wondering what differentials you guys would recommend up front and rear?
Loose? Tight? Front? Rear?

The drive shafts, what is recommended and what fits the narrow setup?

What kind of knuckles will fit in front? The rear I can use DVS (?) knuckles it seems.

What kind of springs do you use for drifting? Front and rear.

Any help would be appreciated.

2015.05.20, 10:20 AM
I run my drifter mostly box-stock. And as there is no real choice in option parts, you cannot upgrade too much anyhow.

Just put on some drift tires and block the front differential (hotglue will do) and take it from there. You can also add some weight in the front and back to reduce agilty a bit.

2015.05.20, 07:09 PM
Try with a rear Spool (Solid Axe) .

2015.05.30, 11:50 AM
Get a one way diff in front and a solid rear axle. Also put drift tires on it.