View Full Version : MR-03 roller?

2015.05.26, 03:00 AM
Hi guys, I have a brushless unit which was inteded for an MR-02 but yea turns out the servo motor won't match. Now thinking of building up an MR-03.
I have most spare parts (motor mount, main chassis, etc) but to make a complete chassis I need the whole servo assembly. Where can I buy 'em? Or maybe even a roller?

2015.05.26, 09:47 AM
I bought a brushless board for my F1 and replaced the brushless servo motor with the F1 servo motor (same as an MR-02). You will need to know how to solder to do this but it is not that difficult. If I can remember you need to reverse the green and orange wires because they are backwards from the MR-02 (or simply keep them the same and just reverse the steering on your transmitter).

Otherwise if you want to make a MR03 servo you will need these 3 parts, Kenon hobby has them all in stock




Hope that helps

2015.05.26, 09:40 PM
I did actually try to resolder with the ol' MR-02 servo motor, works but it doesn't steer to the full angle, you can add a resistor to it and program endpoints but you lose some steering 'resolution' (and by that time i got fed up with soldering :)

Thanks for those links! What I needed were those servo case, gears and pins so that definitely helped!