View Full Version : PN double a-arm vs Levitezer vs standard alu

2015.05.31, 03:33 PM

I'm thinking about getting back into mod racing.
This is my situation. I used to race mod with an MR02 with double a-arm. So I know how it works and hwo to set it up for my needs.
I will be getting an MR03 (used from a friend) with minor hopups. Alu knuckles 0, alu arms 0, rest still plastic (in the front end that is). I never raced MR03 before.

I have been looking at prices of PN vs Levitezer, it is about the same. The PN is around 20 more expensive. I have taken in account alu upper and lower tower bars for the Levitezer.

Seeing as they cost about the same, I would like to know the performance is of the 2 compared. I read everything I could find here about the Levitezer but it doesn't satisfy my curiosity about it.
Is it really worth the money?
How does setting it up compare to the PN?
Is it as tunable as the PN regarding? I dont see alot of possibility's to tune it. For instance I need more steering, I'll put in a softer spring in the PN. What do I do with the Levitezer?

Or should I simply stay stock and upgrade some parts to alu?

Thx for the input.

2015.05.31, 04:00 PM
Levitezer all the way, hands down for the 03. Once you find the feel you want it is maintenance free. I was a firm believer in the double A-arm for the 02 but it is(to me) a back step for the 03. Price prohibition aside.

2015.05.31, 06:21 PM
I myself like both and use both. I still find myself going with the Aarm. everybody will have there own opinion. Really cant go wrong with either. :)