View Full Version : rare F1 bodyand readysets for sale!

2015.05.31, 07:42 PM
A friend of mine has run into some hard times so i purchased all of his F1 stuff and i have ALOT to move out! here are some starter pics and i will get more up over the next few days. If there is a particular body you are interested in feel free to email me at mantisworx@hotmail.com

bodys are 60.00
readysets (am/fm rollers) are 120.00 and in MINT condition, stored on a shelf in the AC since released! real gems.

These are a few, I have 100's of tires sets, foams, wheels, transponders, used bodies, clear chassis, white new bodies. anything F1!

2015.05.31, 07:59 PM
more f1 bodies and rollers

2015.05.31, 08:00 PM
still nore coming!

2015.05.31, 08:02 PM
more vintage goodness!