View Full Version : R246 motor mount

2015.06.05, 04:12 AM
R246 Mini-Z MM Aluminum Motor Mount,

I just bought that beautiful motor mount,

When I installed it to my chassis I found out I forgot to install a screw inside the mount cover, but when I tried to take the cover off it just won't come out, is there a proper way to open the motor mount cover? I tried to put some oil on and use flat screw driver to take it off nothing really worked.

by the way, my mr03 is previous using x power damper, will that match the r246 mm motor mount? I am a bit of worried for that too

2015.11.20, 08:16 PM
post some picture, can't imagine.
The damper you use with which motor mount?If stock kyosho motor MM motor mount,should be no problem.