View Full Version : HFAY S19 Race 9 & 10

2015.06.12, 12:19 PM
Oops, with me being gone the first of the month I completely forgot about the last races for this season, anyone else have times to submit.

I see times uploaded for the following clubs.

Washington DC GTG
Burncity Mini-Z

I also have times for our club that I need to get uploaded.

if you have them get them submitted this weekend.


Mike Keely
2015.06.13, 06:56 AM
We are running the June BTE today. They must be times from last month,

2015.06.13, 10:40 AM
We are running the June BTE today. They must be times from last month,

Yes these are times for the last races of the points series.

2015.06.16, 09:30 AM
Results processed.

Ray can you check Bill C's time for Race # 9, it show 11 laps and I'm not sure that is correct. Let me know and I'll get it fixed if needed.

so far the results are posted here for races 9 and 10

Race 9 and 10 Results (https://www.howfastareyou.com/events/index/212)

the Season 19 final results are also posted

Season 19 Racer Points Series Results (https://www.howfastareyou.com/ops/currentstandings/39)

Great Job everyone that competed.

2015.06.16, 12:59 PM
bill was a DNF for that race, it's correct. :(

Mike Keely
2015.06.16, 07:31 PM
Way to go Brian! I really need to step my game up to give you some competition. I think that it is good to see such a mix of clubs in the standings. Not just one club standing out.

Our outdoor club shut down so I will most likely keep running the series this summer. If I do miss any races it will most likely be because I am out on the Jet Skis. :cool: