View Full Version : Ford Offers 3d Models

2015.06.14, 08:44 AM
the 3d print on demand future has taken another step forward with Ford's websit (http://3d.ford.com/)e offering 3d prints and models of their vehicles.

the 3d model files are .stl format.

Ford Official Licensed 3D Content by TurboSquid
Ford has partnered exclusively with TurboSquid to bring you professional and printable 3D models. Clicking continue will redirect you to the TurboSquid site where you can purchase official Ford 3D content

they of course do include a statement giving them an out in a sense...

Please Note!
FORD MOTOR COMPANY has specified allowed uses, including editorial and non-commercial use. Other uses may be allowed. Each requested use will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved or denied at Ford's sole discretion. Before purchases are available for download, there will be a period of typically one business day for approval to be determined - any rejected uses will automatically be processed as a return.

while this is in it's infancy, this model will no doubt, grow as manufacturers look for additional revenue streams and avenue's to distribute their IP. shapeways already has agreements with Hasbro for some of thier IP, it's only a matter of time really before we can all go to a site, select a car and print to desired scale. one can dream at least :cool: