View Full Version : BRE Datsun 240Z

2015.06.14, 07:19 PM
i've always had a 240Z in some form or another in my pitbox and when Pattos started printing to clear vinyl, just couldn't resist the chance to make my very own BRE Datsun. I neglected to paint over the headlight buckets, mainly because i want preserve the ability to run headlights.

started with a white painted wide fender version so i could tuck ever so slightly wider shoes on it and to get all the chrome and detail paintwork. All i had to do was remove some bits, mask off some others, and paint some bright red and french blue,, unmask it all, glue some bits back on and give it a nice clear coat. all in all, it took maybe 2 days to complete time to complete, mostly to allow the paint and clear coat to dry.

really happy with this relatively easy conversion and can't wait to get it back on the track :cool: already built another 90mm chassis just for it.

2015.06.14, 09:27 PM
Nice job Ray.

2015.06.15, 05:29 PM
Very very nice BRE Z !

2015.06.17, 02:35 PM
Nice Job! Really like the look of the 1:1. Great that you reproduced it at our scale!

2015.06.17, 02:53 PM
That's a beauty! Nice work!