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cj peaches
2015.07.08, 07:39 AM
Hey guys,

I have been out of it for some time now. I didn't even know that xmods stopped producing.

Anyway I would like to get back into the mini z scene as such as I love customising overlanders but I se they still haven't come out with a 4wd version or an upgrade like xmods did.

Is there anything else on the market this days that provide a good 1/24 - 1/28 scale chassis so that I can start back up?? Just got myself a 3d printer and already have a million things I want to make to deck it car out.

if there is nothing on the market anyone got a guide on how to customize the overland to 4wd. I have been hearing its a big task..


2015.07.08, 08:31 AM
Losi makes a really nice 1/24 crawler or 1/24 SCT that you could try nodding and I recall seeing a bunch of cool 3d printing stuff at Shapeways for the chassis.

Ive also seen members use the Kyosho buggy with the Losi short course shell to make a 4wd Kyosho sct.

2015.07.08, 01:31 PM
Red cat racing also makes a 1/24th scale crawler and a 1/24th truck/sct/buggy that is pretty economical. I believe it is called the sumo :confused:

cj peaches
2015.07.08, 11:41 PM
Thanks for the help guys,

I'm looking for something more along the lines of the overlands them selves as i like the realistic look they produce.

Basically, what i want to do is make an awesome looking mini range rover Defender that is 4wd. Know of anyone selling xmods evo trucks? lol

I live in Australia too so its even harder to find stuff.

2015.07.09, 05:30 AM
Have a look at this


cj peaches
2015.07.09, 07:51 PM
Yeah i just found these last night when i was through the forum. it looks perfect!!

Has anyone fit different bodies on it? would love to fit a defender on it.