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2015.07.18, 09:19 AM
In the past I've had really good success matching gearing ratios from PN's charts for brushed motors.

I will be completing a red motor VE upgrade on my 020 and I am trying to source some information or suggestion on gear ratio.


2015.07.23, 10:11 PM
I would suggest you get the Aluminum Motor sleeve from Kyosho to help with cooling. The motor will get hot.

MZW502 Aluminum Brushless Motor Sleeve

2015.07.24, 04:50 AM

I converted mine a while back but I could use the info.

2015.07.27, 09:34 AM
the brushless motors are high rpm motors. you'll want to run them with lower respective gearing.

I'm running the PN 5500KV motor and have mine gearted at 9/54. speed is really good as well as bottom torque with this gearing. if you don't gear it down you'll loose any corner punch and it'll cost you in lap times.

with this gearing, my motor just gets a little warm, not even close to hot.

gearing will also depend on the size of the track you are running and the "flow". The more turns where you are slowing more for the turn you'll need the torque to power out of the turns. if your track is large and more sweeping corners you can gear up a tooth or two.

2015.07.27, 10:25 PM
This is kind of what I've extrapolated:

A 9/54 combo translates to a 6.00 ratio on your 5500kv motor. Comparing that ratio on the awd charts it comes closest to 17/31.

Now I'm hoping to use the red Xspeed VE so I'm guessing I have very limited choices to keep the motor in its sweet spot woke maintaining a decent temp.

I'll find out this week.

2015.07.28, 07:43 AM
Good Luck with it. I didn't read the title very well that this was an AWD chassis :o I'm glad you were able to get some info from it though.

2016.02.05, 02:46 PM
I'm currently using the smallest pignion I could find (14 I think) which was ok with pn ve 5500 (the green, torque one).
I still think i would want to gear down even more as I want more acceleration.
I could not source any smaller pignion gear, do they exist??
If I use a faster motor, even the lowest gears from the standard kyosho range will be too high.
Any info?!