View Full Version : Noob to Mini-z......

2015.07.24, 06:03 PM
Hi all. Totally new to mini z's - was looking for a micro rc car (have plenty of larger Tamiya stuff) for indoor racing and just as I was about to plump for the Losi SCTE I came across these. Once I saw the drift cars I was sold. So I've gone for the AWD sports Savanna (ma-020s) and picked up the gyro for good measure. Hopefully all be delivered this coming Monday. Any tips on set ups, what rechargeable batts to buy etc greatly appreciated!

2015.07.25, 10:41 AM
A clean, smooth surface to drive on... best first bet for any Zer. The parts and add-ons will all come with time. First thing I ever bought for my first AWD was alloy dogbones... the stock ones stripped out almost instantly.

As far as surfaces, 3rd day of my Z habit many years ago, I found myself at a Lowes buying low-pile office carpet and PVC piping to build our first track. Wood floors work well too, just make sure you mop first if you got pets.

Keep it clean and enjoy it! The add-ons will keep you busy for a lifetime if you want.


2015.07.25, 10:51 AM
I'd recommend any AAA rechargeable nimhs, usually in the 800 to 1000 mah rating.