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2015.08.06, 09:49 PM
Since I started playing with the Mini Z in the last 6 months I have broken 3 MA020 chassis. The first one broke at the screw that hold down the rear center shaft bearing pretty much out of the box. I fixed that with a longer screw and with all subsequent built a longer screw seem to have fix that problem.

The next one cracked along the steering rod and eventually the whole front broke off. The plastic around the screw that holds the front center shaft bearing cracked also and the third one cracked at the same place where the screw goes in to hold down the front shaft bearing.

I do not over tighten the screws and I pre-drill the holes to a slightly larger size (1.5mm) so that the screw would not put too much pressure on the plastic to crack open. I am at a bit of a lost as to why I am breaking the chassis all the time.... Is it just me or does anyone else have the same problem?

Luckily I have another spare chassis and I have epoxy filled all the areas that are prone to breaking.... will see how that goes.

2015.08.07, 08:16 AM
One guy in our club has had similar issue with 020 Main chassis. It's hard to say what is at issue because I recall having similar breakage issues with the 010 chassis as well.

Had one of your switches been to the SP chassis?

2015.08.07, 11:08 AM
I have seen the front break off an 020 of one of the cars a guy at the track has. I think he bought a new chassis and fabbed up some CF underneath to kind of act like a chassis protector. I also think there is a company that is selling 020 parts that resolve these issues, I do not remeber the name but check out atomic mods I think they should something to fix the issue.

2015.08.10, 12:25 AM
All the new chassis apart from one are all the SP version, apart from the "gold" plated battery terminals the chassis between the SP and non SP are identical.

I will see how the new chassis with the epoxy enforcement. I might go back and epoxy my second MA020 just in case.

When they are running they are certainly fun little machines.