View Full Version : I could use some help with an IndieGoGo Project, Racing Simulators

2015.08.07, 11:22 AM
I am taking a shot at an IndieGoGo project, and could use some help spreading word about it. http://igg me/at/SimTrailer

I am hopeful that it will work out, but with such limited perks and rewards, it will be difficult. I am looking for ideas for reward perks etc... It would be nice if I could give away RC cars like a Mini-Z as a reward, however unless I get them free it will not work. So for now the RC Car will have to be limited to the free Zen Wheels if anyone can help generate enough pledge funds.

The best reward I can really do is to let those that contribute a lot have the trailer for a whole day, or to hold a race party, or to at least give a rental discount to smaller pledges.

If it does work out though, I hope to set it up some where and invite all the Ann Arbor Mini-Z Dojo members, past and present, for a race. Maybe I can do this for other Mini-Z groups when I take it on the road.

I guess I can also give an automatic 10% off to those that have purchased my magnets from the forum, or been a part of my group buys for Mini-Z stuff in the past. If any of those people are even still here to see this!!! :)