View Full Version : ASC Collection and Extras Sold as a Lot

2015.08.13, 12:34 PM
1. Name - Bill Ng
2. Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3. Contact email: bill_ng@hotmail.com
4. Description - My Autoscale collection and extras. comprised of approximately 275 autoscales and ready-sets. most are rare and hard to find bodies, and in mint condition. pictures of the bodies can be found here:


other things I am throwing in include 2x RCP double wide L tracks, a new in box mr-03, 1 modified to PN parts mr-03, 2 transmitters

5. Price - $16,500 CAD (average of $60 per car ~ $46US per car)

sorry my previous post did not conform to the rules. Its a long shot to find a buyer, but you never know!

thanks for looking.