View Full Version : TDS shock length??

2015.09.01, 07:52 PM
Just need to check on a dimension for a project. Can someone with a PN TDS measure the center to center of the two side shocks when installed. Looks like approx. 22mm or 7/8" from looking at pics, but a physical measurement from someone would be much appreciated.

Thx, Bob

2015.10.15, 07:28 AM
What do you mean with center to center?
I can measure the mounting holes and length of the shocks if you like. But the center of the shocks will differ with the setup. The angle of the shocks, etc..
What exactly do you need?

2015.10.16, 02:42 PM
Yes it would be the mounting holes. The distance from center of one of the DDS Plate holes to the center of one of the SideSpring Plate holes for just one of the shocks. I guess when the TDS is all together it would actually be from the center of screw to center of screw for just one of the shocks. I'm not sure if this distance varies from the 98mm to 94mm SideSpring Plates. For my purposes I found 24mm works well so far, which is very close to 15/16"

Attached a pic of what I'm looking for.

Thx Much.