View Full Version : PNWC 2015 Regional NorCal @ Inside Line Racing

2015.09.02, 11:59 PM
Inside Line Racing will once again host the PN regionals. This event will coincide with our 9 Year Anniversary Race. We have had the honor to host this event every year for the past nine years. I have seen many changes in Mini-Z over the years and I am excited to see the new and exciting products PN has for us.

Please come out and join us for a fun day of racing and celebration.

Class: PN 70T turn, Modified
Date: Sept 26, 2015
Location: Inside Line Racing, Cupertino, CA

2015.09.23, 05:56 PM
Thank you for all the sign ups. Looking forward to a great day of racing. New race layout will be ready at 10am Saturday.

Hope to see everyone there racing.

2015.09.23, 06:34 PM
Keep us East Coasters updated! :p:D