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2015.09.27, 06:50 PM
We have an opportunity to provide our services to a corporate event in which we will be compensated by gifting of some materials purchased for the event. I believe this to be an opportunity we cannot pass up as it gets the brand infront of a solid crowd in the norther VA area and for a days work we come back with some club loot to re-invest in the club. to make it clear to all, i run the club as a non profit meaning i do not make any monetary gain. it's actually cost a significant sum over the past decade i assure you :o i am eager to participate in an event that would in turn provide us with opportunity to better our gear.

what this involves, if anyone remembers the events we held at Nekocon, this will be somewhat like that. the major difference will be that we will not be doing any racing ourselves. we are to provide support to setup an event for others. i would prefer to have at least 5 people on our team to make this easier to manager on our end as it will likely involve lots of marshaling, showing people how to use the cars, making repairs, etc.

the event will be using our club track inventory and timing loop. we are working on a mobile PC solution so that we do not have to drag the track PC out. it's best if it stays put given the extensive cabling i had to do to get everything setup. the event will be providing all the cars, batteries, transmitters, etc. this will consist of approximately 20 sports series readyset. they intend to run the box stock tires as well which may prove interesting.

what we are in need of:
transporation for the track. it will be in tysons hotel ballroom (plenty of space) so somewhat local.
assistance in setup the night before.
event staffing and tear down.
need to select a good 3 wide l layout that will incorporate some extra 3 tile wide sections.

please let me know if you would be interested in assisting for this event.

2015.09.27, 07:51 PM
I'm down. I'll even take a day off if needed.


2015.09.28, 05:57 AM
What is the exact date?

2015.09.28, 10:02 AM
Running true box stock cars? Just some pointers I am sure you already know.

Try to get them all on 7 tooth, cause the 6s strip out too easy.

Glue is your friend. Headlights, loose add-ons... if it can break off, it will.

Commutator drops and oiled bushings... yes.

Extra front knuckles... you will need them.

I find that a few minutes of prep on a new Boxer is extremely worth it!

2015.09.28, 11:41 AM
i am waiting to confirm the date. it's the first half of November, don't recall which of the first two weekends. if a weekday (i don't think it is), need to rethink entirely as i cannot take off work.

thanks for the tips Ed, we plan on going through all the kits as soon as Hobby Works gets them all in. need to get a couple sets of spare parts, get them all in training mode, oiled, geared, etc.

Mike Keely
2015.09.28, 05:21 PM
I can't make it the 4th - 8th. I will be out of town that weekend. I can make it any other weekend. I will be glad to help.

2015.09.28, 09:07 PM
ok, got the details and it's less involved than initially thought.

We would need to set up the track on the evening of November 11 (say around 7:00).
I just need one person, to help us put the track together, set up the timer, and make sure everything is working.
My team can take the track down after the event on November 12 and bring it back to Bruce’s store.

that rules me out. :( This is Veterans Day as well. happen to NOT be one of the office holidays i get off.

is there anyone that is able to setup the track, make sure everything is running and well, thats about it? i know it's asking a lot of someone but it's an opportunity that is worthwhile.

i'm thinking it would great to add this to our track inventory
50045RCP Tracks Wide Long 45 Kit
The Wide Long 45 Kit includes 2 complete Sections. Combine multiple tracks and expansion kits to create any track you can imagine.

RCP Tracks Wide Expansion Kit
The Wide Expansion Kit includes 24 Straight Side Tiles with Pins and Rails, plus 36 Blank Tiles.

2015.09.28, 10:03 PM
I will most likely be out of town that day. Sorry homie.


2015.09.29, 02:03 PM
double checked, my office is indeed NOT closed this day so i cannot take the day off, nor make it out to Tysons for delivery and setup. :(

anyone else have veterans day off and or able to assist Bruce in delivery and setup?

2015.09.30, 02:17 AM
What time of day is this event taking place

2015.09.30, 04:19 AM
It's my understanding that they've asked us to help transport and setup the track and timing system the night before the event. If I recall the event is the day after veterans day.

2015.10.25, 10:08 AM
the event guys have selected this layout.

with the desire to make as much of it 3 tiles wide as possible. we are going to need to keep one of the side lanes 2 tiles for the bridge. we have 35-40 blanks in our inventory. If more are needed, can we borrow them from Remnant?

who is going to be available for setup? Mike said he would be available, Bruce should be as well. anyone else? the event staff will return everything to the store.

can someone with the I-Lap flash drive please email me a copy of the data? i need to get the drivers to the event staff. i thought i had these drivers but turns out had everything but this.

2015.11.12, 12:52 PM
Mike and i setup the track last night! great group to work with at the event, i'm sure they will have lots of fun. especially whomever gets the airsoft tank :eek: to rampage mini-z's.

murphy's law struck. test power on the track PC before we left and ofcourse as i set it up at the event it decides to play dead. just the warning or blinking yellow/orange power button :mad: i'll come up with something as a replacement and hoping i can still get all the race history data the dead PC. i already replaced a power cap once before so it was always on borrowed time but failed at a bad moment. the event staff had a laptop on hand just in case and got the program installed, working and mike gave them a crash course on running zround.

track and all should be returned by COB today. the event will raffle off all the cars at the end so hopefully a few translate to participants at hobby works ;)