View Full Version : 03ve red motor's wires are broken

2015.09.29, 06:27 AM
today my 03ve team orion red motor suddnely stopped working (team orion x speed ve)

and my club owner helped me to test everything and found out the motor's wires are tore apart a bit.

he told me it's beyond his ability to fix that motor since those 3 wires connected inside the motor. he's never seen that problem before, seems like my motor's 3 wires were not glued at all. He showed me other red motors and they are glued a bit with the red motor, and mine seems like very clean.

I will see if I can post a pic later.

so can it be fixed?

2015.09.29, 06:40 AM
No, those stock wires are attatched to the motor windings so altering them would alter the motor and make it not work properly. Spend a little money and buy a PN V2 motor.

2015.09.29, 08:59 AM

If I wanna stick with Kyosho for now,

May I ask what's the difference between the Kyosho blue VE(ECO Tuned) and red VE one(MZ504)?

2015.09.29, 10:24 AM
The blue motor is the brushless equivalent of "stock" while the red is the equivalent of the Kyosho "slightly modified" X-speed motor.

2015.09.29, 11:37 AM

If I wanna stick with Kyosho for now,

May I ask what's the difference between the Kyosho blue VE(ECO Tuned) and red VE one(MZ504)?

Down the line you will regret buying another kyosho motor if you ever decide to upgrade your chassis. Get the PN V2 5500kv motor you will not regret it.

2015.09.29, 01:46 PM
On a 2 wide L track, you can use all of the Kyosho motor where as the PN is noticeably faster. I prefer the speed of the Kyosho but the ease of use of the PN. The Kyosho blue motor is a very good motor in my opinion, closest match to PN 70t motor

2015.12.07, 08:58 AM
If you are going to stay with the Kyosho motor setup and stock rear shock, make up a bracket to prevent the wires on the PCB from flexing.

You could print the 3D one I designed and posted on Thingiverse or simply tape down/hot glue (watch the plastic temp) the wires down to the side of the chassis to prevent them from moving around.

This is a common problem on Mini-Z's and even though I'm a newbie to this segment of the RC hobby, every night I race I see yet another board where the wires have flexed loose. Such a poor design but then again I think we are pushing the cars WAY beyond what the original designer intended lol.

2016.06.03, 03:13 AM
I think this is what ilove599xx is talking about.


Has anybody opened a kyosho brushless motor to change the wires?
Can you take out the end cap to expose the pcb to solder new wires?

2016.06.03, 03:25 AM
Can we take off the black end cap and resolder new wires to the pcb?


2016.06.03, 03:35 AM
The PN looks a lot different where in you can take out the end cap, and swap out the armature (you can choose from 3 different types) and solder the wires to the pcb outside the motor can as opposed to kyosho's brushless motor which seems like it is actually in the can.