View Full Version : Overland body on Losi Micro Crawler chassis

2015.09.29, 07:27 PM
Hi Guys,

Not sure if anyone still visits this sub-forum, but i'll try this question here just in case.

As it seems we won't see an AWD Overland from Kyosho anytime soon, I was wondering if anyone knows if the Losi Micro Crawler chassis would be a good candidate for a Overland body.

I see there is the Mini Trekker and Micro Crawler available from Losi. Between the two, it seems the Trekker chassis is too long. The Mini Crawler looks like it could be a close fit with minor mods. But I don't have a local shop to confirm.

Has anyone considered this, or actually done this before? I know it won't be scale, but maybe with the right tires it could look pretty nice.