View Full Version : Bodies, beaters, racers... 4 sale.

2015.09.30, 09:53 PM
Ed Check
Mohnton PA 19540
Paypal only, lower 48 only

Here's a lot of bodies for sale, they are not all in the best of shape but they are just taking up space here. So, in the interest of keeping it simple, one price, one buyer, one box to ship.

The Toyota has no major breaks, wing, headlight lens and air scoop are gone.

La Ferrari still works but missing the LH side panel.

458 has a busted front, but some glue and a side clip and it should be good.

Lexus is missing a headlight and the original wing, but I will send an older style wing that should match up.

The BRZ seems intact. All is there and no breaks.

The HSV needs its window glued in and is missing front side plates.

Jota is in good shape, have no idea where the window got to?

Lambo is a tank, except for the rear wing.

The NSX is dusty, driven but still with us. No major breaks.

The non-diesel Golf is good to go.

The Mini is near cherry, no front clip.

The Mac was one of my loyal runners for a while, no front clip.

The Viper is solid, no breaks, no front clip.

So, a rough collection of rough beaters and some solid runners. All for $60 shipped. I really don't want to split it all up, got too much going on right now to worry about who gets what.

Paypal only, I ship priority, pics coming soon.

2015.09.30, 10:10 PM
I'll try again tomorrow with the pics.

2015.10.01, 10:02 AM
Sorry for the quality, I should be able to get more up soon.

2015.10.01, 10:10 AM
more pics of the group.

2015.10.01, 10:13 AM
and yet more pics...

2015.10.01, 02:01 PM
one more pic...

2015.10.05, 11:34 AM
Ok, $60 shipped... if not, they will be door prizes eventually. :D

2015.10.08, 11:46 AM
One more time...

$55 shipped and I have most of the wheels packed with them now. Not all the wheels are correct to the car but they will be the required offsets.

2015.10.09, 11:07 AM
SOLD! I was getting worried there for a bit. :)