View Full Version : PNWC 2015 Regional Race Australia - Saturday Oct 2015

2015.10.01, 01:09 AM
probably a tad late to post this here and our club regulars already know through our social media group.. but a post here kinda makes it just that little bit more 'official' and it gets immortalised by google. :)

Burncity MiniZ club will be hosting the Australian PNWC Regional on Saturday Oct 3.

Date: Saturday Oct 3, 2015
Time: 13:00 setup, 14:00 practice, 15:00 Qualifiers, 17:00 mains, 21:30-22:00 teardown and cleanup
Venue: Kew Library meeting room , Cnr Cotham Road & Civic Drive, Kew 3101
Classes: 2WD Stock and GT modified see the PNWC Rules (http://pnracing.us/pnwc2015/pnwc-2015-rules.htm) for full details



We will only be running two classes, Stock 2WD and GT Modified, as I do not expect enough participants for the other classes.

The venue is booked all afternoon day till 10pm but we plan to have the official event proceedings complete by 5:30pm to cater for people who can't stay on through the evening.

There will be a limited number of 130 PN motors available on the day for GT mod class.


13:00 setup
14:00 practice
15:00 Qualifying Round 1
15:30 Qualifying Round 2
16:00 Qualifying Round 3
16:30 Qualifying Round 4
17:00 Mains
17:30 Casual club racing
21:30 teardown and cleanup

2015.10.01, 05:00 AM
Good luck and nice to see another PN regional! :)