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2015.10.08, 10:54 AM
Dear all,

Can anyone here let me know what's the difference between MM and MML motor mount in R246? also RML.

I am just guessing the "L" means low.

Thank you all

2015.10.08, 12:19 PM

is not MML the same as LM?

RML is rear mount with no top damper.

2015.10.08, 08:06 PM
Here is more info regarding bodies that can be used with particular motor mounts:


Wheel base can be set from 86mm (S); 90mm (M); 94mm (L); 98mm (LL); 102mm (3L); and 106mm (4L)

I believe that the shortest wheelbase for the mm motor mount is 98mm...
It's been quite a while, anybody know what the shortest wheelbase for the lm motor mount is? I do know though, that they are usually being paired with lm bodies ie Porsche 926, Mazda 787, Mercedes sauber c9, and the Toyota gt1

Hope this helps

2015.10.08, 08:16 PM
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2015.10.08, 09:58 PM
I don't think so, I got this problem because I bought MM motor mount and MML damper system from R246 and they don't match at all. I hope that link is ok to post since that's from the orginal kyosho website about R246


2015.10.09, 11:11 AM
Could it be the difference between MM and LM? Because of the difference in diff widths?

2015.10.09, 01:08 PM
Could it be the difference between MM and LM? Because of the difference in diff widths?

Assuming as i sugegsted MML and LM are the same thing, then yes. MM and MML/LM are different widths for the diff shaft.

2015.10.09, 08:45 PM
I don't think MML and LM are the same thing, because there is a RML. http://kyoshoshop-online.com/kyosho/goods/index.html?ggcd=R246-1353&cid=r246_mini-z
and look at official cars that would fit RML from Kyosho website I don't see the relation with LM, maybe the "L" means"low"just for certain car hight? It means "LOW"?


MML just a motor mount for MM and LM both??

2015.10.10, 06:55 AM
Along that line e of this thinking, if RML is no damper, perhaps MML is similar in that it's just MM without a damper.

2015.10.10, 12:32 PM

maybe Kyosho Support can help? I don't really understand through that support. Maybe you guys can understand?

2015.10.10, 09:59 PM
That's a MM motor mount that uses a LM diff.

2015.10.11, 06:28 AM
so what's the benifit of it?