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2015.10.13, 09:23 AM
Hi guys

My question is about the additional magnets.
Why is there only 1 large magnet, 3 mediums and 5 (I think can't tell from the picture) small magnets?
I would expect them to be even numbered. Or is it simple 1 set per arm?
How do the strengths of the magnets compare to the original ones?


2015.11.17, 02:18 AM

Sorry for late reply.

The Anti-roll front suspension (MR03LVZ001) includes 4 big magnets. That is enough big magnets for any setup.

On the Additional magnets (MR03LVZ002-1) there is one big magnet, it is simply a spare. There is also a spare screw, in case one of the originals get lost.

Over all the uneven numbers are spares.