View Full Version : Best cam for track events?

2015.10.18, 11:18 AM
wondering if there is a better solution to my iphone? currently have to reverse the camera and use a bluetooth remote and iphone tripod. the quality isn't bad but blurry. i set the recording to 60fps but not sure the forward facing camera matches the other side in quality. dealing with icloud isn't always fun either.
no PC within 15ft of optimal camera spot.
no wifi at store

anyone have recommendations?

2015.10.18, 07:25 PM
GoPro, we used that a couple times and you can control from you phone and mount pretty much anywhere. Locally we have one racer that brings just a generic small video camera and mounts it to the top of a ladder but with the gopro you have many options of accesories and other things to make life easier.

Honestly most of the smaller video cameras available everywhere will do the job pretty well as long as they have HD and you can get a tri-pod or some sort of mounting equipment for it.

2015.10.18, 10:59 PM
We use a Sony action cam, HDR-AS 20. Got a got a good price as it was open box, under $90. Remote from android. Not sure about i-phone app. It shoots 1080 @60fps.
Mounted on a tripod and just start/stop for each race and upload raw.

A mod race

These where edited with nothing special, just i-movie.


2015.10.19, 07:38 AM
looking to keep cost to a min. as it will only be used for the track however tired of getting video with the cars being a blur. need to keep it cheap, video quality and frame rate high enough to see the cars and have app for remote control. i'm growing tired of using my iphone, even with a remote as i have no way of confirming it's working without using it in reverse. i love being able to simply add titles to it and download but icloud is less than ideal platform to work with most of the time :mad: GOPRO simply far to much investment for something that gets used twice a month.
amazon has plenty of offbrands like GeekPro, GooKit that are reasonably priced but best you can get out of that is 720p at 60fps.

nice video from the sony cam. at $90 thats a bargin. no such luck find that kind of price in my area.

2015.10.19, 08:49 AM
What about an ASUS notepad? Like the ones you use(d) for storing the brushless settings. It has connectivity as well as other video options.

2015.10.19, 09:53 AM
I don't have any android devices anymore. Didn't use them enough to keep them around. Would have the same problem as my phone, using a remote with no verifiable means to know recording has actually started. My Bluetooth remote works but not consistently enough to trust it without seeing the screen.

Is anyone live streaming races? Not really an option for as as store is on dial up and no wifi but curious as to what other clubs are doing.