View Full Version : Scorpion Z-1410-9500KV

2015.10.25, 07:46 PM
Anyone have this motor? How does it compare to its PN or Atomic equivalents? Any known issues?

2015.10.25, 07:50 PM
I asked about this motor a while back and the response was that it was fragile because the end cap would pop off while racing. IMHO the best brushless motors available now are the PN v2 motors.

2015.10.25, 07:55 PM
Thanks for the quick response! Is that something that could be fixed with say, a bit of tape? I'm mostly interested in this scorpion one because it comes with the plugs. I can't find any pictures but it's safe to assume that it has screw holes for mounting, right?

2015.10.25, 08:16 PM
the cost of putting desired plugs on a motor that won't pop apart in race is far better investment. our club had 2 people using the 6k motor and the end cap popped off both.

2015.10.25, 08:20 PM
Alright, thanks for the advice guys!