View Full Version : Overland Bodies

2015.10.29, 06:18 PM
how come theres such low stock to almost none on overland bodies other than the sports one they have right now?

2015.10.30, 12:06 AM
first of all welcome to the forums....
second... good question... your guess is as good as mine...
but i do have a theory... maybe it isn't as quite popular in your area... and easier to sell online rather than a shop having it in stock just waiting for somebody to buy it... what are you looking for?

2015.10.30, 12:29 AM
even online i can rarely find any of their other bodies anymore. like the black hummer or black g class. only available bodies are their sports one. the pink and blue hummer and the red and green g class

2015.11.01, 07:52 AM
Kyosho has a sale on the BMW overland body right now.