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2015.10.30, 09:10 PM

recently I've been driving with Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 MR03W-MM body. My car always flips on the first time after straight line. I don't think I had this problems with other car bodies.

My club owner said I could make the upper body lighter. Such as take the front light off, etc.

What do you guys think?

Do you think this is a good body for training for me since this is the only body will flip from my car collection. So If I can drive this one without flipping on every turn, I will be ok with other bodies?

2015.10.31, 06:10 AM
Since the Lambo is famous for this behavior you might try a couple of different things. First, check to see if the inside front wheel(while turning) is coming in contact with the lower edge of the windshield. Secondly, try reducing the front wheel off-set by .5 to 1mm to give additional clearance while turning.

2015.10.31, 07:24 AM
If your looking for a training body, pick something squared off and has all the rail grabbers up front :). That will teach you the best lesson, staying off the rails!

As mike suggested, make sure the tires are not rubbing the inside of the body. The rest is suspension setup particular to that body and your track.

2015.10.31, 12:04 PM
my wheel set are orginal, will that will rub inside of the body?

I will check it out,

for this moment, I don't have offset 1 wheel, so if I want to change the front spring to make this problem less, should I make the spring harder?

thank u all

2015.10.31, 12:15 PM
so which bodies would have something squared off and has all the rail grabbers up front

2015.10.31, 03:54 PM
Honda HSV, Audi R-8, Aston Martin, New Lexus, Old style Lexus(94mm) just to name a few.