View Full Version : Need a little steering help

2015.10.31, 10:41 AM
Just got a new it4 as i droped my old 1 and the light broke in the screen now with the new radio both my cars turn left when i bind them. Its kind of ok with the 1 as 120 sub trim will make it go straight but the other its not enough. I tore the whole car apart and cleaned everything, tried rebinding every way i could think of to get the wheels straighter but no good. Any help would be appreicated!

2015.10.31, 03:57 PM
Make sure all radio trims are set to zero and then go through the process for centering the chassis without the transmitter. It should be OK. Just went through it today with a new "S" 2 chassis.

2015.11.04, 09:21 PM
Well try as i might i was not able to resolve this so i bought the kt 432 pt radio and surprise the 1 car needs just a bit of sub trim to go straight but the other needs more than 120 subtrim to go straight so im assuming something is up with the pot or board. Might be time to buy a new car!

2015.11.06, 08:00 AM
is your mini-z sport or sport 2?

2015.11.06, 03:31 PM
Have you tried this procedure listed in the manual?

To reset the center position of the wheels
(1) Turn on the chassis (leave the transmitter turned off).
(2) Make sure that the steering trim is at the center.
(3) Move the front tires to the center position with your fingers.
(4) Push and hold the pairing button on the chassis until the LED flashes fast two times and goes off.
(5) Turn on the transmitter. The neutral position should be corrected. If it is still not at the center position, repeat above steps.