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2015.10.31, 09:38 PM
Gyro Unit For Kyosho Mini-Z. Banggood SKU301361.

http://www.banggood.com/Gyro-Unit-Set-For-Kyosho-Mini-Z-RC-Car-Parts-p-1009050.html (http://www(dot)banggood(dot)com/Gyro-Unit-Set-For-Kyosho-Mini-Z-RC-Car-Parts-p-1009050.html)


Weight: 1g
Wire Length: 80mm

This Gyro Unit plugs right into the main board of your MR-03 and will help you keep your MR-03 under control. The Gyro Unit will automatic correct of steering and throttle. Basically it will keep the steering aimed to the global direction, so say your rear tires loose traction and the chassis come to an angle, this will counter steer for you faster than humanely possible. Very cool, and really impressive having the car stable like if it was following a rail on low traction surfaces (wood, tiles).

Package Included:
1 X Gyro Unit Set

2015.11.01, 08:36 AM
Anyone else think this is a banggood bot trying to sell us cheap knockoffs?

4 threads about 4 different electronic copies for mini z....make you wonder a bit.

2015.11.01, 09:11 AM
All of the links have been broken as they contained pricing which puts them in competition with TRC. They are however informative and could be considered as informational sources for useful items. The Asian IP address for the posting member does not fall within the numerous IP's that have been blocked or banned for spamming. If it persists or deviates then it will be dealt with summarily and the member deleted along with all posts.