View Full Version : RSR - Rally Sport Racing Series @LarrysRC Michigan

2015.11.10, 09:22 AM
Chris Furman has put together a new series at Larry's for those Michiganders that are interested.

Featuring LaTrax Rally cars!

Action packed 4WD Drifting On-Road Racing @ Larry's RC every Friday start at 6:00PM!

NO Traction Compound. Use Simple Green or other citris/mineral to clean tires.

1st day driver introductions & Start: Friday 11/13 @ 6:00PM

YOUNG DRIVERS ARE WELCOME! This series was created with the family in mind. Stock class is "out-of-the-box" RTR racing! Kids will be run at 50% for more control and fun!

We will also have an EXPERT class!

2015.11.13, 07:38 PM
Looks like fin - thanks for sharing! :)

2016.01.09, 05:36 PM
Love this! Was going to get a couple micro rs4s to race with my boys, but just ordered 3 latrax cars instead! Perfect for the young ones and love the traxxas support end of things.

How far from Chicago are you guys racing? A short drive and some racing with a hotel stay is never out of the question for some good ol fashioned family fun!

2016.02.02, 08:46 AM
Hello Dc6287

Larry's is located in Sterling Heights Michigan. Which is typically a 4.5 hour drive from Chicago.