View Full Version : Spin out issue!! Please help. Mr03 ve

2015.11.18, 08:12 AM
Hello I have a mini z MR 03 ve and I upgraded the front suspension also the engine mount and the rear suspension and now when it runs it just spins out around turns and when giving it acceleration it will just spinning in circles I try to adjust the engine mount differential Heights and I cannot find a set up that will stop the spinning but only change of direction it spins. I included pictures of all the upgrades I have and the car I purchased please help me figure out how to stop the spinning .

I got the 3racing rm motor mount it will not let me load the image.

2015.11.18, 08:36 AM
check for binding in the rear suspension, also make sure that the tires aren't contacting the body in any way both front and rear. usually the spinning issue you are describing relates to something being interfered with and preventing it from working correctly. look closely and do it with the body on so you can see if that's the issue. good luck.

2015.11.18, 08:55 AM
I take it that it did not spin out before without these mods? If it did I'd ask about the tires...

If it didn't, then others will need to take up the troubleshooting, too new to the modifying myself and can't give educated help.


2015.11.18, 03:42 PM
It did not spin out before the mods and nothing is binding. Also i do all testing with no body on the car.

2015.11.18, 04:03 PM
Bad idea running with no "body" on the car. At no time is the chassis more in jeopardy of damage than without the body.

There is a possibility of tweak in your modifications. A simple push down test should speak volumes. Install the body and push down on the right rear corner while observing the left front of the car. Repeat with on the left rear. Any difference on how high the front tires came off the ground? If no difference repeat the process while pushing down on the fronts while observing the rear. Again, any difference? If there is noticeable difference check the T-bar mounting on the chassis and verify that there is no twist or other irregularity in the mounting. It isn't uncommon for one side of the plate to not seat fully on the chassis.

You haven't mentioned tires. Which fronts and which rears? How about front springs? Everything matters.

2015.11.18, 06:16 PM
ok i looked it over tightened a few loss screws and put on new tires. It is running a little better but could use some work. when i was finishing up my brushless motor broke i think. it is just pulsing now and will not move. So i will need to fix this and then try to fine tune it.

2015.11.18, 06:26 PM
That could be as simple as low or dead batteries. Cogging.

2015.11.19, 08:40 PM
greetings and welcome to the forums....
what surface to do you run on? changing tires could be the simple solution... :D

2015.11.19, 08:51 PM
Best Tire for Concrete and Painted Concrete
I run in my basement on concrete and epoxy painted concrete on a boomerang oval track about 20 ft long both directions.

I find that if I keep the track clean (AKA moped, dry, and free of dust) you can get good traction. Does anyone use or know of good tires for this type of driving?

hmm... just saw this from your previous post... actually any tire on smooth painted concrete will tend to spin out once they've collected dust on them... unless it's rough concrete...

i would suggest to try looking for a track nearby... hope this helps... :D