View Full Version : How to make mini-z fun for kids?

2015.11.20, 09:48 PM
Dear all,

I just took my 5 year old child to local club.

It's almost impossible to let her practice in my apartment since it's really small.

That's why I took her to my club, my club has one big track and a small one for drifitng, the drifting one is barely use on normal days so the club owner is fine to let newbies to practice on that small drifting track (I was one of them last year)

I found out kids have hard time to control the throttle, they will go for 100%, pull the trigger all the way down, and the left, right direction turing sometimes could be difficult for them.

and those frustration will ruin the fun

so what should I do to make it fun for her?

I can't imagine Lewis Hamilton from F1 racing was a 5 years old nitro RC champion in UK.

2015.11.20, 10:30 PM
Training mode or place a bumper on the trigger or dial down the throttle.

2015.11.21, 09:19 AM
Same here, my 5yr old has no understanding of moderation so I have to build it in. A throttle stop is the easiest way to get them started. Also, dialing down the steering a bit helps.

Its a ton of time and patience, sometimes resulting in pure frustration... but hey, isn't that what raising a child is all about?