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2015.11.21, 03:22 AM
If anyone is looking to race Mini-Z's in Chicagoland please check our website events page (http://www.sidewinderz.com/events/) for schedule and locations or contact us here.
As long time Mini-Z enthusiasts that still continue our dedication and passion for this great class of racing, we are leading the charge to help grow the 1/28th community in Chicagoland and will be posting,promoting and doing anything we can to bring awareness and users to this scale.

We have two track facilities to race on:
One smaller track in the area HobbyTown open daily for practice and weekly racing.

One larger track in a fantastic facility with plenty of pit space hosted by a local business owner and longtime R/C Racer that we are contributing some of our own track to bring competition size-level layouts several times a month as well.

2015.11.22, 12:17 AM
Nice website Sidewinderz!

2015.11.28, 10:00 AM
Nice website Sidewinderz!
Thanks! Very much appreciated. :)
It's still a work in progress, but want to have a website that represents this awesome scale of racing in the best way possible!