View Full Version : 3D Printed MR-03 Motor Wire Clamp

2015.11.30, 04:15 PM
Well got sick of the wires fraying and breaking on the PCB of our MR-03s so I made up a simple clamp that bolts to one of the rear top deck screw holes.

Now the wires at the board side cannot flex during suspension travel etc.






2015.11.30, 06:21 PM
very thoughtful. have any tricks for bundling up the rear end wires and plugs? ;)

2015.11.30, 07:17 PM
cool idea... :D

2015.11.30, 08:14 PM
very thoughtful. have any tricks for bundling up the rear end wires and plugs? ;)

I was considering a new rear motor bracket for the MM chassis that incorporated zip tie holders ... but still need to see if ABS printed can handle the stress (I doubt it).

Right now this is how I do it with the clamp:


1. Zip tie around rear motor mount/clip and then another zip tie around the "bouncing bundle" in the middle.

Still not 100% satisfied with this... so might so something custom with the rear pod shock mount that add's a zip tie slot sticking out to the left (Drivers side).

Next project lol.

--- And then once I move to a fancy PN rear end with damper etc, I'll have to make a difference design as I think that hole is used.

2015.12.25, 12:46 PM
How about putting a loop for a zip tie on the wire clamp? Lately, I've been putting the motor wires parallel to the shock and over the battery clips. It gets all the wires mostly out of the way.