View Full Version : Need Spare Diff (Gear is fine) for MR-03S (or 02)

2015.11.30, 08:27 PM
If anyone has a spare gear diff they are no longer using (since you all likely moved to Ball Diffs now), I recently converted my little guys car to brushless and have almost enough parts to re-built the MR-03S Sports model for a third car (so guests have something to drive on the home track).

One of the parts I just can't find anywhere in stock is a rear Diff.

If anyone has a spare gear diff (or even the Kyosho Ball diff), bring it to the track and let me know how much you want.


2015.12.02, 10:59 AM
I have a MR03 stock gear diff can give you.

2015.12.02, 09:14 PM
Thanks Fai, that would be great!