View Full Version : HFAY S20 Races 9 and 10

2015.12.02, 11:04 AM
It's time to get you HFAY times for Races 9 and 10 uploaded. this will close out the 20th season of HFAY, Wow that's 10 Years we have been doing this, pretty cool. :)

Hope everyone put in there best races for the last two. I didn't have a great night and maybe opened it up for someone else to grad top honors, it'll all come down to what the drops do. :eek:

Salt Lake Mini-Z times are uploaded, so when the rest are in there I'll get them processed.

thanks everyone for a great season and thanks to those clubs that are participating in anything HFAY Related.

2015.12.02, 12:19 PM
tonight...:o been pulled to other things with the holidays, etc.

2015.12.03, 11:43 AM
DC's are in :cool: eager to see how we all did for the season!

2015.12.05, 06:16 PM
Results are posted and this is a first for sure, We have a tie for first place in points between Mike K and Myself. didn't see that coming as I had a few good races but just fell apart the rest of the night and let mike come back and gain some points, I thought for sure he would take it.

Race Results (https://www.howfastareyou.com/events/index/234)
Final Standings for Racer Season 20 (https://www.howfastareyou.com/ops/currentstandings/40)

the really cool thing is that the tie happens after the drops are considered as well. the computer placed me ahead of Mike because of the 5 1st places I had vs. the 4 1st places he had in the tie break. :eek:

Crazy, Cool and Fun Season this was. :cool:

Mike Keely
2015.12.06, 09:24 AM
I thought you had it also Brian. I guess me taking off that one race to go jet skiing may have gave me a chance to shake things up. We all have choices in life and have to live with it. Great racing everyone. Congrats. Brian

2015.12.06, 11:57 PM
Would like to run F1 in the BTE event this Saturday at Hobby Work.

Mike Keely
2015.12.10, 03:16 PM
We will be. Everyone bring your F1's

2015.12.11, 07:32 AM
i dont have one but if someone can loan me one Id like to run as well.

Mike Keely
2015.12.11, 08:19 AM
Dwight and Gary both have extra one. Ask them to bring their extra cars.