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2015.12.07, 05:08 PM
Hey gang,

I am looking to fix up the back end of my stock 98mm chassis.
Currently I am running the stock Motor pod & using an older 98mm Atomic Alum DPS plate & disc. There is no springs on the disks as they simply don't fit it without binding up the system nor is there a top spring as I am unable to mount one in due to the missing front part that it would need.

What is everyone running these days? I looked around and strangely found limited options.

I like the one on my Mod class, but the parts were from someone else & I couldn't hunt them down on Atomic, EGR or Kenon.

I believe Derek has been playing with a new Tri-Damper setup.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my current Stock setup:

& Here is my current Mod setup:

2015.12.07, 06:36 PM
You'd be hard pressed to figure out a tri-shock system for the stock motor pod.

From what I can see you need to lift the damper plate off the chassis and get a longer damper post so you can use springs/damper grease.

I can look around in my bag of tricks for some way of lifting the damper plate and if I can make the 20th we can build something up.

2015.12.08, 12:14 AM
From what I can see you need to lift the damper plate off the chassis and get a longer damper post so you can use springs/damper grease..

I think I gave away my last longer damper posts. But I do have the following stuff. I have other tidbits & stock pieces that I can make use of as well.

I can order what ever I may need to make it work.


2015.12.08, 09:17 AM
The spacer in the middle might be a good start to get the lift you need.

The other problem I forsee is that the damper plate design is firing you into a wiring scenario that interferes with a top shock placement.

You may want to look at a full kit from PN. It'd have all you need to get good space, fitment and able you to change wiring to get that K shock in the photo on board. I don't have a shock on all my cars but the ones that have it work well. I'll text you a photo of my best performing set up.

2015.12.08, 10:27 PM
The setup you are using on your mod car is the standard 98 mm disk setup from Kyosho: http://www kenonhobby com/Kyosho-Mini-Z-MR03-Friction-Shock-Set_p_45078.html

But the friction plates look to be atomic.

I've had really good luck with the Kyosho disk damper. I use it with Ruby Lube, which gives nice consistent damping along with the Kyosho oil shock, which I see you using already.

Here is my setup on my mod car:


And on my stock car: