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2015.12.10, 01:06 PM
Hi! I'm just a fan of narrow racing. Does this LeViteZer suspension works on Narrow configuration? Will I get all the setup possibilities as using the wide front end of 03?

I'm using the Lotus Exige, and this car flips all the time with strong motors and good grip config. I want the anti-roll benefits of LeViteZer on my car, but want to first know about the compatibility.

2015.12.10, 04:50 PM
I have not tested narrow, probably the magnets would get too close to each other.

Maybe you could use wide setup, but smaller offset on wheels?

2015.12.11, 06:17 AM
Lotus Exige can't handle wide setup. Even with Narrow front end it needs offset 0. I think this is the most compact body for Mini-z. I will give a chance anyway! May you please confirm if the arms can be mounted in the narrow front end with the small magnets?
Than I would use only the small magnets, and as the arms come closer with the narrow front end, I would get almost the same anti-roll effect of the big magnets (considering the distance between right/left magnets would be similar, and the strenght of the magnets are similar.

2015.12.12, 09:38 AM
I tested and am sorry to say that there is no way the current LeViteZer font will fit narrow setup as it is.

You could contact me via http://levitezer.com/contact-form/index.php I could maybe provide modified LeViteZer front for narrow setup.

Edit: The modification was successful, but still untested, I do not have a car with narrow front. It is not an easy modification and I do not recommend anyone trying this. There is one limitation with the modification, above magnets must be the small ones, bottom magnets can be big or small.

2015.12.15, 06:12 AM
Nice to see this mod! I will PM you. Thanks for the engagement on this, I think arch2b was also interested on that.

2015.12.15, 11:24 AM
Edit: had some problems with the PM system of this forum, but it is ok now, posting removed.