View Full Version : What's the deal with all the censorship?

2015.12.12, 01:28 AM
I can understand if I'm swearing or posting/replying non relevant garbage or spamming... But this has gotten out of hand.... I have looked for the rules of this forum but I can't seem to find it... Is there a rule saying that I can't use specific words such as "F******k" ... That's like saying I can't use the the word "life" or "social media"... I have been seeing this a lot as of late and now it has happened to me for stating a simple fact... Now I have gotten that off my chest! Let me know where the rule is that states I can't us words like...
F*****k Instagram whatsapp social media eBay .. .

2015.12.13, 01:01 AM
Yeah, agree... doesn't make any sense to me. Instead of seing it (the social media page) as a thread, it should be considered as a great complement to this forum (being able to follow races, events, etc. on real time... for example).

2015.12.13, 09:55 AM
it's a spam issue. the current version of vbulletin running doesn't control spam that seems to trace back from social media linking, etc. which may not bother most but it's a tedious and un-celebrated chore/task for the moderators/admins to control. were talking several hundred to thousand + bogus registrations, etc. in a 24-48 period. yes, it sucks. hoping this can be resolved with an update to the VB running but that's on a timeline that i am not privy to so in the mean time, have to manage it with less than preferred methods. i know it's a hassle for you guys, it's certainly not fun for the admins either. if anyone with VB expreince in dealing with this has suggestions, please feel free to contact us. i am eager to return to the day of linking without concern myself. :o

2015.12.13, 12:09 PM
Doesn't Vbull support the "display text in a gif/jpg" and make the user manually enter something related to that gif/jpeg manually in order to prove they are human?

Just curious. I hate those things but they do work well.


2015.12.13, 01:01 PM
captchia or whatever it's called... yes, it's not infallible. you would not believe the sheer number of registrations that get blocked on a daily basis. i'm sure the latest version is much better but were not there yet so working with the tools we have.

2015.12.13, 02:12 PM
Aside from the back linking that occurs whenever a member of "social media" uses the name or posts a link either direct or to a site that is in itself linked it leaves us vulnerable. There is also the fact that unless you are a "social media" member yourself you aren't allowed to view the information without joining. That being the case, if everybody can't view it then nobody should be able to.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I will have to deal with what has been an annual average of 47,000 to 51,000 spam registries across our forums. At any given moment there are 500 or more bots combing through the membership lists for any information that can be had. Think before you link. The Ukranian "granny" porn could be just a key stroke from your in box under the name of another member.