View Full Version : January 9, 2016 - HFAY S21 Race 1-2

2015.12.26, 04:02 PM
January 9, 2016 - HFAY S21 Race 1-2

This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

we will be running HFAY #6.

http://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.picture.b16cf85a3bbf4593.484641592d74726163 6b2d362e6a7067.medium.jpg

2015.12.26, 04:25 PM
OK, calendar has been set (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40403)! don't forget you can find our full calendar available here as well, which can be imported to various formats, etc.
Washington DC GTG Calendar (https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=u99jp4kqeji5ac08h4ocjn3i3g%40group.calen dar.google.com&ctz=America/New_York)

Please be sure to review class racing rules, tips on qualifying, available club equipment, and overall time schedule.

Just waiting for S21 registration to open and track selections to be made to update the posts.

Look forward to seeing everyone!

2016.01.09, 09:12 PM
thank you to all who could make it out today! excellent turn out for the kick off of HFAY Season 21!

per our drivers meeting, we will hold the track open for novice practice only from 11-11:30 for clockwise and another 30 minutes prior to counter clockwise. this will carry over to stock days as well.

i'll work on getting the system loaded faster, it took longer than anticipated today.