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2015.12.26, 04:10 PM
April 23, 2016 - Kyosho Stock

This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

This will be run on 3 wide L track layout.

Special Event Racing
Special events will occur on Kyosho Stock race dates only. Special Event racing will occur immediately following Kyosho Stock class racing normally scheduled for this date.

Details will be updated as they are confirmed.

2016.04.07, 12:33 PM
as a reminder, if you do not yet have a trailer frame provided by Kris/joey, please speak up. These require a stock diff, bushings to build and your own body. body options can be found in the trailer (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31745) race thread. a hitch can be made from piano wire attaching to almost universal screw points on the mid cross bard of nearly all aftermarket motor mounts.

2016.04.21, 11:05 AM
Kris/Joey, would you be able to make one that fit a MR-01 diff?

2016.04.22, 07:02 AM
hope everyone is pulling their trailers together! i have mine all done and will have more wire on hand to make or fix any trailer hitches.

2016.04.23, 06:07 PM
thank you to all those that were able to make it out today, had a very good turnout! even had 10 participants in the 2nd running of the trailers!

turns out almost all were variants of the uhaul template i made. a trailer must include a top of some kind. be it a car hauler, landscaping equipment, to a uhaul trailer to compete. this will be made permanent in the rules ongoing. can't show up with the template frame and race ;) i'll also complete a tech inspection to ensure everyone has a top of some kind, parts all in order, trailer hitch, etc. this took a bit of our time today to get everyone sorted.
special thanks to kris and joey for making the trailer chassis templates! this was a huge improvement in participation that i personally attribute to the ease in which everyone was able to join in with the use of a template chassis that was simply to assemble with the minimum of parts. plenty of suggestions made for the next version!
i believe the trailer race was a rousing success and look forward to including it into our repertoire going forward.

Stock class results are attached!

2016.04.23, 06:11 PM
trailer race results attached! hoping to get all the video uploaded ASAP.

2016.04.24, 09:54 AM
All videos are up across our various webpages!

Trailer Race A Main (https://youtu.be/n234DbZRtK0)

Trailer Race B Main (https://youtu.be/XgqX9gBQFq0)

Stock Class A Main (https://youtu.be/Po1lAZDgHZY)

Stock Class B Main (https://youtu.be/1dZl2Rsls0o)

Stock Class C Main (https://youtu.be/Fpokk9hR_gA)

Stock Class D Main (https://youtu.be/2N85tEAjz2Y)

Stock Class E Main (https://youtu.be/R5u0ntvcZV0)

2016.04.25, 05:13 PM
Great fun and racing 😀