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2015.12.26, 04:12 PM
May 28, 2016 - Kyosho Stock

This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

This will be run on 3 wide L track layout.

2016.05.20, 12:24 PM
please note this is memorial day weekend. i will plan to be there regardless.

2016.05.20, 10:09 PM
How is traffic around the area and DC? Wondering if it would be a pain to get there.

2016.05.21, 08:39 AM
on saturday? most traffic would be going toward the beaches from morning to early afternoon. traffic is outbound mostly over the weekend, starting friday. traffic heading back at the end of the holiday weekend will brutal but we don't race on sunday so should be OK.

2016.05.24, 12:32 PM
Looking forward to getting more feedback on possible flip to smooth side for HFAY Season 22... haven't seen much posted either way posted to the HFAY thread (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38967). i encourage all opinions to be shared, for or against :p i'm not really concerned with club racing as we can make arrangements if needed to have rough if needed.

be thinking about what special event we want to hold in September. better to get ideas out sooner than later.

waiting to hear when the MM2 kit will be released; Motor Case Set (MM2) MZ217. i suspect it will be post July release of the MR-03 MMS chassis set.

2016.05.26, 01:20 PM
anyone know off hand the layout space available for Hobby Works? Need to get this info to Brian for the BTE design.

2016.05.29, 04:19 PM
being a holiday weekend and all, turnout was smaller than usual however had some very good racing none the less!

John really picked up the pace in MOD class. Gerald (g-man) had some technical issues that ate into too much of this main time in stock class. Phoenix piloted my recently built LM and just about wiped the floor with me. Bill's MOD car wasn't holding the track well throughout the race causing him to slip to bottom of A main finish. if not for a few missteps for Phoenix, i would have finished second instead of first. i still preferred clockwise and did far better in that direction.

KWT piloted a PRO chassis in MOD class that i'm sure do well once some handling issues are sorted and or more track time under it. it tended to traction roll with the great amount of speed that car was carrying through the corners. I liked the feel of the control so much i bought a PRO board myself to build another R8 :rolleyes: i'd build another LM but no need to kid myself, i never drive them. i may just take Michael's R8 and run the police lights around.

2016.05.29, 04:20 PM
2016 Points Series, May 28, 2016, MOD Class Race Results!

2016.05.29, 04:21 PM
2016 Points Series, May 28, 2016, Stock Class Race Results!

2016.06.05, 11:02 AM
all video's posted! MOD A Main was a particularly good race :) i posted the results so you know who's in the video and the end results in the comments. i'll do this moving forward as well.