View Full Version : September 10, 2016 - HFAY S22 Race 5-6

2015.12.26, 04:17 PM
September 10, 2016 - HFAY S22 Race 5-6

This will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, Virginia

we will be running HFAY # .

http://www.howfastareyou.com/hfayprod/static/uploads/tracks.picture.b16cf85a3bbf4593.484641592d74726163 6b2d362e6a7067.medium.jpg

2016.09.06, 09:12 AM
Bumping thread :)

2016.09.06, 11:53 AM
providing my HFAY car runs just as it did when i put it back in the box, i will be looking forward to it :cool: you never know sometimes :rolleyes:

Mike Keely
2016.09.08, 10:47 PM
Not 100% if I will be at this one or not????

2016.09.09, 06:41 AM
Supposed to be very hot, haven't heard anything about any rain though so should be a nice late summer weekend.

Mike Keely
2016.09.09, 10:05 AM
looks like I am going to make it. Who else is coming?