View Full Version : November 26, 2016 - Kyosho Stock

2015.12.26, 04:21 PM
November 26, 2016 - Kyosho Stock

This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

This will be run on 3 wide L track layout.

2016.11.11, 07:35 AM
what is the feeling on attendance for the Saturday following thanksgiving? I'll be there for sure. If sparse, we can test 3500KV variations for a new class? easiest solution is to put 3500kv limit on 86-90mm class as most if not all are mod oriented and able compatible with PN motor. I certainly don't need a lot of prodding to get short wheelbase out again:p really looking to try the new MX-5 anyway.

also need to be thinking about December HFAY BTE event! That will close out the 2016 year for HW and pick up again in January. I'd like to have the classes for stock mod days settled by December so i can prepare the forums, websites, calendars, etc. it's been a long time since out promotional materials have been updated as well so looking to do that in December as well.

where in the calendar for 2017 do we want to run another trailer race? We've had good discussion on tweaks to the trailer frames to improve performance. I'm happy to make shells or blank templates again if anyone has suggestions. otherwise, i have about 6 or so variations on the Uhaul model.

Mike Keely
2016.11.23, 04:49 PM
FYI, I have spoken to Vincent Jackson and he told me that he will be coming to this race. I look forward to him racing with us again. I feel that he always pushes me to do better.

I think that we have a fair amount of guys planning to come this Sat. I will be there also.

Mike Keely
2016.11.23, 04:50 PM
I forgot to ask Ray, what is a MX-5?

2016.11.23, 06:45 PM
miata = mx-5

cool, good turn out is awesome. i will also have the monitor and cables to drop off with someone headed to the garage as well. donating a laptop to the garage as well for backup. just wrapping up fresh OS install to make sure it's running lean and quick. will come preloaded with zround as well.

2016.11.23, 08:10 PM
I should hopefully be there. :D

Mike Keely
2016.11.26, 08:30 PM
Fun day of racing today guys. Mod class is so much fun. Good to see Saint back up in the A main again.

2016.11.26, 09:04 PM
thank you to all whom could make it! very good day of racing, some close calls and exciting finishes :D

stock class results!

2016.11.26, 09:06 PM
Mod class results!

all results are shared on social media sites. i'll do my best to get the video's up tomorrow.