View Full Version : Mr-30ve pro kit

2016.01.02, 01:38 PM
where to find a mini z MR-03VE PRO KIT AND EX-6

2016.01.02, 02:52 PM
Start here with Tiny RC and welcome to the forum.

2016.01.02, 04:00 PM
I spoke with my local hobby shop and they don't plan on stocking either. They just don't want the more expensive kits sitting on shelf space instead of product that is currently selling well, i.e.; sports series kits. They will order if requested but don't plan on stocking them. Online shops should have them however as they don't have the same business model as brick and mortar. Follow the shop link above to check on TRC availability. If not here, there are only so many domestic shops online tori logo into.

2016.01.02, 04:56 PM
Thanks guys I'm new to mini z racing
I just order 3 rcp L 50mm tracks and trying to find wants the best thing to race