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2016.01.04, 01:11 PM
Syncro Touch KT-432PT


Kyosho webpage (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/products/rc/detail.html?product_id=110288)

Kyosho Instruction Manual (http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/digital_prcs/pdf/82136_KT-432PT.pdf)

Supports Kyosho Mini-Z FHS / FHSS 2.4GHz system

2018.07.31, 06:58 AM
To be able to use the Kyosho transmiter KT 432 PT FHS/FHSS model on the Mini Z MA03 VE PRO with ASF/MHS protocol, what are my options besides having to buy a new radio?
Any advice? 👍

2018.07.31, 07:04 AM
A new radio is the only option, there are no FHS/FHSS brushless boards (yet?). Sorry, Kyosho really botched that one up. There is no single radio that can run all Mini-Z bands, which is a real pain. I only use ASF.

2018.07.31, 03:18 PM
Unfortunately EMU is correct.

I've purchased a EX-6R and a KT-432PT so I can run every modern Mini-Z now. KT-432PT has the advantage of having a larger receiver option to run bigger RC and EX-6R has the advantage of having DasMikro boards to run custom small scale chassis. The combination should let you drive most things :)