View Full Version : Are decals removable?

2016.01.13, 09:38 AM
I was just wondering if the stock decals are removable or are they under a clear coat?


2016.01.13, 12:25 PM
They are not removable, nor are they under a painted clear coat. To reduce cost, Kyosho stopped clearcoatung them and now calls the process fine hand polished.

2016.01.13, 06:48 PM
Some of the decals on my 12C came off with 99% rubbing alcohol when I was trying to remove paint left by other cars (rough day of racing :rolleyes:)

2016.01.13, 07:31 PM
I'd say... It depends... The gloss (clear) coated bodies will be difficult to remove without doing any damage to the paint job... The old bodies and some newer bodies (hand polished) may be easier though. I've read some where that there is a solution that you apply to soften the decals so you can take them off... Hope this helps...

2016.01.14, 12:19 PM
do you mean removable in that you can essentially take the car back to a clean slate? and not affect the paint? i've never tried that and at the current cost, not willing to test it either :rolleyes:

2016.01.15, 02:18 AM
Thanks guys. Yeah I ment remove the decals and keep the paint intact.

2016.01.15, 04:12 AM
Try to read the above link... I tried slowly scratching some decals off but got some paint scratched off as well. I tried the scotch tape trick and it kinda works to an extent. Good luck.

2016.01.15, 05:47 PM
Thanks so much for the link, just the info I wanted.

2016.01.16, 10:01 AM
No problem.... :D