View Full Version : Diff adjustment

2016.01.13, 08:16 PM
Can you adjust the diff on a mr03s?

2016.01.13, 09:27 PM
Stock gear differential? Not really adjustable unless you're keen on making a mess with greases inside the gear box. It isn't sealed so it'd likely spew out over time.....

2016.01.14, 09:56 AM
if you need one you can adjust you'd want to look at either a ball diff (kyosho, PN, Atomic, X Power all make them), or the adjustable Gear Diff from PN.

Both ar great but function different. I run the gear diff in my stock cars and have ball diffs in my Open and Brushless Cars to deal with the power better without spinning the tires.

2016.01.14, 01:20 PM
My stock mini-z seams to spin out if I give full throttle

2016.01.14, 01:40 PM
on what surface? most floors won't be good.

When your track arrives soon, the stock tires are ok on RCP, the PN tires you got will be really good on the RCP, you won't be able to spin them on the track.

I've setup a few new guys with our club with the same setup the the front and rear tire and you should be good to go.

2016.01.14, 02:36 PM
Indoor outdoor carpet my track should be here next Tuesday
Thanks for the help