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2016.01.15, 06:27 PM
So I am thinking about getting the ma020ve, but have a few questions.

1) Would low bodies like the C9, 787B, and 962 mount on the ma020 chassis?

2) It doesn't look like Kyosho sells the ICS usb adapter anymore will the Ko Propo ICS USB adapter work with the ma020ve?

3) I am confused on wide vs narrow... So is narrow 65mm and wide 76mm? Can the front be narrow and the back wide? What parts are needed to change this?

4) Will the kyosho and banggood gyro work on the ma020ve chassis, the reason I ask is because it says for mr-03. I am thinking it will work but just want to be sure before ordering.


2016.01.15, 07:55 PM
Pretty sure all the bodies you describe are 102mm wheelbase so you'd have to find adapters and longer spur heats to make it fit. My other thought would be about whether the low sloping noses might not fit over the front of an awd chassis

2016.01.16, 06:01 PM
^Yeah that is what I am concerned about. Anyone know if these bodies will fit the AWD chassis?

2016.01.16, 11:25 PM
The chassis dimensions probably wont allow it. I just tried to mount a VDS body onto it and it doesn't fit..

2016.01.17, 09:34 AM
Ok, thanks for the info.

2016.02.11, 09:35 AM
yes you can use 102mm body if you use a broadtech adapter for 98-102mm