View Full Version : Stock Motor Case & PN Motors?

2016.01.22, 05:34 PM
Hey Guys ---- have an aftermarket RM motor mount on the way but can/will a 70T Pn stock motor fit in a stock Kyosho RM plastic motor case? I/m assuming not as it would throw off the "set" mesh

Im "building a narrow MR-03 RM with 86 MM Porsche 906 body ---- just wanted to do a different set up for fun --- man that body is a PITA to work with :)

2016.01.22, 07:19 PM
Shouldn't be any mesh issues as long as you use the same techniques as with a stock motor and the 48P gears

Mike Keely
2016.01.22, 08:16 PM
The bushing area of the can is larger on the PN motor at the pinion side of the can. You will need to ream out the motor holder on the pinion side.

2016.01.23, 03:58 AM
Thanks guys - love this forum :)